Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fun day at the Zoo

My friend Jen and I decided to go to the zoo today because we knew that both of our husbands would be studying all day. The kids had a lot of fun. They loved the sprinkler park and we spent most of our time there. It was a perfect day to run through sprinklers because it was so humid!

One of the zoo workers put some peanut butter on this log so the bear would eat it. I think this is the first time i've ever seen the bear awake. On all of my past visits to the zoo, the bear's always asleep.

Madeline and Dallin are making funny faces.

The kids having fun at the park and the sprinkler park.

Madeline and Dallin trying to run away from the sprinkler.

The best way to end a fun day at the zoo is to feed the Giraffes.