Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Update

Here is our Christmas update that we sent out this year. Some letters got sent back to me and I didn't have everyone's addresses, so if I missed anyone, here is our Christmas update:

Happy Holidays!
We hope this letter finds you all well and happy. Our family has had a very busy year. Andrew graduated Dental School from Nova Southeastern University in May. We moved from Florida to Utah in August. We spent a couple of months traveling and having fun before our move. We were able go to Disney World several times. Madeline was barely tall enough to go on Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, and Tower of Terror for the first time. Her absolute favorite though, was to meet all of the princesses. We are happy to be in Utah and closer to family but we will really miss Florida (especially the beautiful beaches).

Andrew is thrilled to be done with school so he can have extra time to do the things he hasn’t had time for these last eight years of school. He got a job working with a dentist in Roy and really enjoys the office and the people he works with. He will however, miss his job at Delta and all those free flights! He just got called to be the secretary in Young Men’s. Andrew has been able to participate in flag football, volleyball, and basketball.

Staci spent most of this year packing and unpacking (or so it seems). She and Andrew spent 5 days traveling across the country in a Penske truck while Madeline stayed with her Grandparents. We spent a couple of days at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and stopped in St. Louis to visit the Gateway Arch. We crossed 10 states and in one day traveled more than 1000 miles. It was quite the road trip. Staci got called to be second counselor in the Primary and loves it. She enjoys reading, cooking, and doing craft projects.

Madeline turned four this year. She has been taking gym classes and really enjoys it. Madeline’s favorite thing about our new house is that we have a private entrance to a park in our backyard. Madeline loves to dress up, read books, and play games (especially hide-and-seek). Madeline got 4 goldfish for her birthday and named them “all Freds”. She really enjoys feeding them and helping change their water (although, we fear for their life every time she “helps”). Madeline is such a sweetheart and such a great help to her parents. We are so grateful that she is a part of our family.

We really appreciate the love and support from each of you. We are especially grateful for this wonderful time of year we have to reflect upon our Savior, Jesus Christ, and celebrate His birth. We wish you lots of happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year!

Andrew, Staci, and Madeline