Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This year we did not go to Utah for Christmas. We spent a nice and relaxing Christmas in Florida. Christmas eve day, we took Madeline to a matinee movie: "Alvin and the Chipmunks". This was the second movie she has seen in the theater since she was born. She really liked the chipmunks; her favorite was Simon. My favorite was Theodore (he is sooo cute). That was a fun tradition. For Christmas eve night, we went to the Fairhurst's for dinner, white elephant exchange, and games. We had a great Christmas eve. Then we had to hurry home so Santa Claus could come to our house.

We slept in a little on Christmas Day. We made Madeline eat breakfast before opening any presents. Then we read the story of Christ's birth from the scriptures and discussed with Madeline why we celebrate Christmas. Finally, we got to open presents. Madeline got a dollhouse and lots of princess stuff. Andrew got guitar hero III, transformer risk, and lots of clothes. Staci got tickets to Wicked (in March), an iPod, and an apron (I haven't worn one since I was a child--imagine that). We also got lots of games and movies. We had a great day.

Madeline's Dollhouse.
Princesses and dolls. Our little Tinkerbell. Princess Memory.


Theresa said...

I love your legs in the christmas pic andrew! and the picture where you are smiling but we can't see your face! I love it! What a fun relaxing Christmas. You had time to fit a movie in?! That would be nice!