Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sprinkler Park

This last week we went to a play group at the Sprinkler Park near the Plantation Elementary School. This has been one of my favorite parks in Florida. It has a FREE sprinkler park where the kids can get wet and have fun. Then they can go play on the slides and the swings after they dry off. We've had a lot of fun memories here.

Madeline's trying to drink the water.

The kids loved splashing in the big puddle.

Madeline and Ashton playing peek-a-boo (I love this picture)

Queen of the Park


Jenny said...

I miss all the awesome free parks in florida. I love the peekaboo picture also.

ANGELA said...

I am so jealous! It is so cold here. Tade would love that place.

Kamie said...

Hey Andrew and Staci!

This is Dustyn and Kamie, we just found your blog and thought we'd say HI! You can find us at
We are excited to find you and keep up on your daily doings!

Chris and Jeni Reid said...

I miss that water park!! We miss Florida and everyone there! It actually gets quite cold here in the winter... Chris and I got way too use to the warm! We miss you guys and Madeline is getting so big! What a doll.