Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our family was established November 3rd, 1999. We were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah. Nine months after we were married, we moved to Portland, Oregon. Andrew graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor degree in General Science. Staci graduated from Oregon Health and Science University with a Bachelor degree in Dental Hygiene. On October 7th, 2004, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Madeline. We currently live in South Florida where Andrew is finishing his last year of dental school at Nova Southeastern University. We have enjoyed living in Florida and are looking forward to graduating and moving on with our lives.


Niccole said...

That ICE place is amazing. You guys are so lucky in all the things you get to do. And I think that Madeline is not OCD, she is organized and I like it. She follows after my heart. I will have a good talk with her about how organized she is. I think that is so funny and I need her to talk to Olivia in how to start doing that. The funniest was the Pull-ups stacked in twos. How funny. I MISS you guys so much. Come and work back in Utah. Please!!!