Saturday, January 12, 2008


Madeline is so funny. Lately i've been taking pictures and video of the funny things she does. She is a very organized person. She likes to line things up and will spend a lot of time doing it (we have an inside joke in our family that if someone is so obsessive compulsive then even the words have to be alphabetized, CDO instead of OCD). Here are a couple of pictures to show what I mean.
All her care bears and trains lined up.

She lined up her pull-ups in piles of two.

Lining up puzzle pieces.

Is this OCD or what?

This one is my favorite. Maddy lined her princesses in a circle because "they are at the ball in the castle."


kathy said...

Madeline, you are an amazing organizer. Will you come to Grandma's house and help me organize my cupboards? I love you, Madeline. Keep on lining those toys and diapers up. Love, Grandma

Theresa said...

Madeline is a true Edmunds! That is amazing how organized she is! That is OCD! Just like her Aunt Niccole with her closet!

Wendy S said...

Yup, that is pure Edmunds. I am laughing in recognition. My kids did not get that tendency very stongly, but I used to do that stuff too. I had my closet in strict rainbow-color order with matching hangers (pink shirt on pink hanger, yellow shirt on yellow hanger, etc...). Getting married finally loosened me up.

What a beautiful and interesting girl she has become! I'm glad you took pictures of the cute things she has done. She must be very smart to do such a thorough job of organization so young.