Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Over the Christmas break, we went biking in Shark Valley (the Everglades) with the Richtsteig family. We biked to the tower and back which is 14 miles. We saw a lot of alligators. We also saw a lot of baby gators. Some of the alligators were on the trails and we had to bike around them. We went on a cloudy day which is good because there is a greater chance of seeing more alligators. On the way back from the tower, Andrew had Madeline and Kacen in the carrier. He was swerving back and forth and the left tire of the carrier came loose. So we had to fix that and while the tire was being fixed the kids were playing with Andrew's bike and his chain came loose. That had to be fixed as well. But other that than we were safe and no gators attacked us.

Here we are close to a gator.

Madeline and Kacen having fun.

Madeline's not afraid of getting close to the gators.

These next two pictures were taken from one of the side trails that we walked along. The limestone that we were standing on was depostied beneath the ocean as it covered the Floride Peninsula over 100,000 years ago. The porous limestone acts like a sponge, allowing water to flow beneath the Everglades to meet the needs of the entire south Florida ecosystem.


kathy said...

Wow,interesting trip thru the Everglades. I can't believe that the alligators don't come after you tho. I would be scared to death. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom